Sensor systems

OptiLevel accessories

OptiLevel Truck Driver Display TDD-S
The OptiLevel Truck Driver Display TDD-S was developed to display tank content data to the driver of the road tanker. The tank content display is easily activated with a simple hand movement – even through the windows – thanks to its integrated infrared sensor. The TDD-S can be connected to both the Mineo and Maxam Controller or to a PC with Optavias Software.
An outdoor version of the TDD-S is also available.


OptiLevel Printer
Industrial printer with a serial and parallel port for connection to an OptiLevel controller.


OptiLevel GPRS/ UMTS Router
The OptiLevel GPRS/ UMTS Router connects the local OptiLevel controller of a filling station via mobile communications to the Optavias Head Office in the headquarters of a filling station network, in order to analyse fill level data centrally and online via internet connection.


GSM Modem
Modem for connection to an OptiLevel Supply or the Mineo and Maxam Controllers.

Title Filesize [download]
Data Sheet GPRS Router 231KB
Data Sheet Truck Driver Display 487KB