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System HecoFill – as Overflow is a No-Go.

The combination of Level Controller (NK) and HecoFill limit value probe sets standards and offers a high degree of safety during the storage and transfer of hazardous liquids.

This is due to the fact that level controller and limit value probe form an Ex-intrinsically safe circuit, work in a fail-safe mode and can be universally supplied. The limit probe is approved for use in zone 0. The permanent self-surveillance with liquid-analogue remote check up to the probe tip ensures a reliable surveillance of liquid limit levels.

The devices and probes are ATEX-approved and meet the requirements of the KVU (CH) as special fill protections and of the WHG (D) as overfill protection.


Fields of Application

  • Surveillance of liquid limit values
  • Level, process and pump control
  • Overfill and special fill protection
  • To prevent damages: Leak indicator, leak monitoring in tank rooms, collection trays, pipings or man holes
  • Applicable for various sectors, but not approved for the food industry.


Possible combinations within the System HecoFill:

  • HecoFill Limit Probe: Optoelectronic measuring principle for the surveillance of liquid limit levels in the tank. Available in different materials (aluminium, stainless steel, PVC) and lengths (up to 6 m).
  • HecoFill Leak Probe: Valuable for damage prevention: Instantaneous detection of leaks in tanks, conduits or shafts. For installation in tank rooms, collection trays for pipings or in dome shafts.
  • Level Controller NK411 or 412: Ex-barrier to intrinsically safe HecoFill probe. Compatible with IR-HecoFill probes and NK31 predecessor models. Two relays for limit value surveillance, test and resetbutton. Optional wall housing IP54.

Your Benefits

  • High degree of safety by permanent self-monitoring
  • Independent of medium, density, conductivity ortemperature
  • No calibration required
  • Almost maintenance-free as there are no movable parts in the tank resp. probe
  • Almost maintenance-free as there are no movable parts in the tank resp. probe

HecoFill can be combined with the solutions: