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OptiLevel Probe HLS Wireless ST – Tank Content Data via Radio

Its utilization always makes sense if the subsequent installation of empty conduits for the connection of wired probes is too expensive or laborious. The data transmission is made by radio waves.

The energy supply is ensured by a battery integrated in the head housing. Moreover, all further components are located in the housing. Only the radio antenna is guided outside and aligned by the user for optimum transmission power.


Floatless Technology
The wireless probe also works according to the floatless technology developed by Hectronic. It recognizes a change of fluid and automatically adapts to the new medium. Compared to measuring by means of the floater position, this technology is significantly less sensitive to pollution in the tank as no parts can stick together or get jammed.


Possible Combinations within the System OptiLevel:

  • OptiLevel Wave / Repeater ST – It serves as central collection point for the data of all wireless fill level measuring probes. Wireless probes can be integrated easily into an existing wired probe network. OptiLevel Wave ST can either be directly connected to the host system or Connect and Wave ST together to the Mineo 2 Controller Touch.


Your Benefits

  • Uniquely reliable measuring method wired or wireless
  • Insensitive to dirt
  • High-quality material mix
  • Simplified storage – one type of probes can be used for almost all liquids
  • Water detection in fuel and detection of ethanol layers
  • Self-calibrating, easy installation and maintenance-free