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OptiLevel Connect – Small and Powerful

The OptiLevel Connect is the interface between the higher level system and the probes. As an explosion barrier the OptiLevel Connect simultaneously takes over the galvanic isolation of each probe, thus offering reliable explosion protection.

With the successor of the OptiLevel Supply series you can now use and combine even more devices in the field. In the standard version, the OptiLevel Connect is available in three combination levels – for one probe, for up to two probes, or for up to four probes. In full expansion up to 32 probes can be connected to a host.

The additional modules can be inserted into the prepared slots, and the scope of functions can be extended by many convenient features!


24V DC variant available
For the use on vehicles such as trucks and construction machines, a variant with a supply voltage of 24V DC is available.


Available Additional Modules for OptiLevel Connect

  • Probe RS485 Module
    Integrates existing probe systems with RS485 interface protocol into the system OptiLevel
  • Current Loop Module
    Integrates existing systems with a current interface output of 4-20mA into the system OptiLevel
  • Host RS485 Module
    Integrates end devices via a serial connection from more than 20m up to 1km with each other
  • IoT Module
    Send tank content data indpendent of location and directly from OptiLevel Connect via Internet connection
  • HecoFill Namur Probes Module
    Connection of the system HecoFill

Your Benefits

  • Convenient box in simple and modern design
  • Easy function extension by plug-in modules
  • 24V variant for truck installation and mobile refuelling solutions
  • Presentation of tank content data independent of location
  • Easy assembly
  • Outdoor usage possible (protection class IP42)