Sensor systems

Hecofill overfill protections

The perfect safety lock for level control

Hectronic’s range of different level controllers provides a maximum amount of security for both storage and transition of liquids harmful to the environment. What does that mean? It means the level controllers have an ex-intrinsically safe probe circuit up to Zone 0, are fail-safe, and can be universally serviced. The permanent self-checking with a liquid analogue remote test up to the sensor tip set standards. A safe monitoring of liquid limit levels is guaranteed.

The devices and probes are certified according to ATEX and comply with the KVU (CH) regulations as special spill prevention as well as with the standards of the water protection regulations (D) as overfill prevention.

  • Monitoring liquid limit levels
  • Level/process and pump control
  • Overfill protection, special filling protection
  • Leak indicator, leak monitor in the tankage, catch trays for pipings or manhole pits

  • Compact design for snap-on rail assembly, Ex-barriers for intrinsically safe Hecofill probe
  • 2 relays for limit-value monitoring (with change-over contacts)
  • Supply voltage AC/DC 22 … 253 V
  • Optional panel housing IP54


Standard version


With integrated fill protection for the connection to an AFS plug on the tanker

Optional wall mounting

Hecofill level sensors

Installation in the tank for monitoring liquid limit levels

  • Optoelectronic measuring principle
  • Continuous self-checking
  • Customised version up to 6 m length possible
  • Types: stainless steel, aluminium or PVC (seal: Viton/Chemraz)
  • As floating roof probe with dual detection (filling level and mechanical limit switch)

Hecofill leakage sensors

A leak in a tank, a line or a shaft? With our infrared leak probe, the damage can be detected lightning-fast and kept in-check.

For installations in tankages, catch trays for pipings or manhole pits.

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