Sensor systems

Fill level gauge HLS 6010

The intelligent fill level gauge

The HLS 6010 fill level gauge is suitable for underground and overground industrial and fuel tanks.

The HLS 6010 gauge works according to the floatless comparison method developed by Hectronic. It is built without any moving parts and therefore not subject to wear. The gauge recognises changes of product type and adjusts to the new medium automatically. The measurement method used is independent of pressure and temperature. Water and temperature measurement are standard features, as are overvoltage and lightning protection.

All probe variants are ATEX and IECEx approved and certified according to OIML R85 as well as additional local standards.

HLS 6010 Standard

The HLS 6010 standard is suitable for underground and overground industrial and fuel tanks. Here can be measured a variety of fuel types and industrial media. The probe is equipped with a binder clamp and can be used variably in the dome lid.

HLS 6010 LPG

This gauge can withstand any pressure in an LPG tank. Whereas normal gauges on conventional tanks are equipped with a binder clamp, a welded NPT flange on the liquid gas tanks provides maximum safety.

HLS 6010 AdBlue

To preserve the quality features of AdBlue this gauge is made entirely of stainless steel and Teflon. This probe also features a special cleaning method, making it fully compatible for use in AdBlue.

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