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PetroPoint – Automatic Authorization of All Kinds of Vehicles at the Fuelling Point.

Automate your fuelling process now with the help of PetroPoint and profit from greater fuelling comfort, security and an increased vehicle throughput.

PetroPoint consists of the components: Nozzle unit for the petrol nozzle, a transponder mounted to the vehicle, an on-board unit (optional) and the receiver. The communication between the components is wireless, allowing for easy integration into the existing petrol station architecture.

Thanks to the modular setup the automatic vehicle recgonition can also be customized to your requirements, thus contributing to the step-by-step optimization of your fleet management.

Configuration Options

  • Vehicle Recognition – Authorization based solely on vehicle recognition. This requires a small transponder at the nozzle, a sending unit on the petrol nozzle and a receiver in the fuel terminal.
  • Vehicle and Driver Recognition – In addition to the vehicle recognition it is possible to transmit mileage, operating hours and driver identification during the authorization. For this purpose the additional vehicle sender is required.

Your Benefits

  • Mounting of transponder possible on any type of vehicle
  • Quick system integration into existing petrol station architecture
  • Optimization of your fleet management through transparency and exact usage calculation
  • Fuel loss, misusage, wrong fuelling excluded
  • Increased vehicle throughput
  • Convenient fuelling and good opportunity for customer retention


Coop Cooperative (CH)

  • Automatic Vehicle and Driver Recognition PetroPoint
  • 2 Fuel Terminals Heconomy
  • Management Software HecPoll
  • System OptiLevel
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Munich Airport (DE)

  • 1,300 vehicles equipped with PetroPoint
  • Identification of all vehicles
  • Transmission of odometer readings and operating hours
  • Exact consumption calculation
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ADNOC - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ARE)

  • 200 petrol stations
  • approx. 50,000 vehicles equipped with PetroPoint
  • 5,000 nozzle units for the petrol nozzle
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