The modern fuel terminal for the public filling station

The HecStar outdoor payment terminal offers filling station owners the opportunity to run their filling station around the clock. Its flexibility enables a wide range of payment methods to be processed. Simple connection to the existing filling station infrastructure either as a stand-alone terminal or incorporated into the system via the cash till make the HecStar the ideal outdoor payment terminal for your 24-hour filling station.

Flexible payment methods

Tailored exactly to suit your requirements, a wide range of payment methods can be processed. These include debit and credit cards, fleet cards and cash (notes and coins) as an option. Contactless payment using RFID tags is also possible as a state-of-the-art payment option. Depending on the customer’s requirements and the country, the HecStar is available with various security PIN pads and different payment providers.

Vouchers can also be issued and administered via the bar code scanner as a profitable additional function. As an option, voucher management can be administrated centrally for an entire filling station network. This invariably leads to increased customer loyalty.


The clearly arranged TFT touch display (optional) guides the user through the menu without any confusion. The durable receipt printer holding a large paper roll reduces the amount of maintenance. The vehicle and/or driver can be identified quickly and easily by the contactless reader technology. Rapid data transfer and authorisation increase vehicle throughput and therefore turnover at your filling station.

High security standards

A safe, certified in accordance with VdS Class T1 and directly connected to a reinforced foundation frame, secures cash takings against vandalism arising from attempted theft. A security lock with anti-drill protection provides an additional safeguard against theft. The banknote reader that incorporates advanced checking methods can reliably detect counterfeit money.

Country-specific housings

The HecStar is available with various types of housing depending on the respective area of use. As well as the standard housing (narrow version) the HecStar also comes in a wider housing for integrating fiscal printers (Eastern Europe) or a TFT display (HecPad) for entering commands via the touchscreen.

Fuel dispenser slide-in

In addition the HecStar is also available as a slide-in module for all conventional fuel dispensers.

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