HecPump autofuel dispenser

HecPump - the all-rounder

The autofuel dispenser is available as single or double pump. The combination of modern outdoor payment terminal and robust, high-performance dispenser makes the HecPump the ideal addition to any company filling station – quick, effective and powerful. The HecPump can also be used in areas subject to calibration regulations. This makes it a valuable instrument for intelligent fuel management.

HecPump product variants

The HecPump comes in numerous product variants as single or double pump. With pump rates of 40, 80 or 130 litres per minute, the HecPump dispenser covers a wide range of applications. The high-performance version pumps 160 litres per minute, enabling even the largest vehicle tanks to be filled quickly.

There are also connection options for the OptiLevel fill level gauge or the automatic vehicle recognition PetroPoint.

Diesel or petrol - not a problem

The HecPump dispenser is suitable for both fuel types: diesel and petrol. With a double pump version, you can even pump both fuels at the same time: petrol from one pump and diesel from the other.

HecPump options

The HecPump offers a wide range of options and can therefore be adapted optimally to your customer requirements.

Wide range of language options

The full-size graphic display enables the menu items to be presented in the appropriate language.

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