State-of-the-art technology for your company filling station.

The Heconomy is a high-performance, user-friendly outdoor payment terminal for modern company filling stations. Heconomy is dependable and its broad range of connection options (software, level gauge, automatic vehicle identification) makes it the ideal choice for the company filling station.

Wide range of language options

The compact display of the Heconomy enables text elements to be presented easily in the appropriate language.

Supremely user-friendly and dependable

The well-structured keypad (piezoelectric keyboard) is easy to use, dependable and durable, making it a compelling choice.

Robust exterior

The housing of the Heconomy OPT is made of solid, high-quality aluminium. The colours used can be adapted to customers’ wishes.

Simple identification

The Heconomy terminal supports a wide range of contemporary identification tools: PIN entry, Mifare reader, card reader (motorised or push-pull card reader), automatic vehicle recognition PetroPoint (AVR). Customised solutions are also possible.

Heconomy wall housing

If space is limited, the Heconomy terminal in a wall housing offers a flexible and space-saving solution. Its compact dimensions mean it can be installed practically anywhere.

Heconomy compact

Another version is the space-saving compact model, which is especially suitable for use in adverse exterior conditions.

Heconomy mobile

The Heconomy mobile terminal is specially designed for use with road tankers.

Heconomy universal CRID

The Heconomy universal CRID module is intended for use in the fuel dispenser. This model’s flexibility enables it to be fitted in fuel dispensers from numerous different manufacturers.

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