HecNet Card Billing System

Secure processing of credit and debit cards

As an experienced provider of filling station systems, we have tailored the credit and debit card provider HecNet especially to the requirements of filling stations: for POS systems and fuel terminals, small operations and filling station networks. HecNet is not dependent on a specific system, works with any POS system and can, of course, also be used with all its benefits in other lines of business.

It is worth making a comparison to see the differences:

In price
especially with regard to “hidden” costs such as bank fees

In transparency
and therefore in administration effort and in the value of your data

In Service and Know-how
namely in the reliability of your filling station

In the contractual period
and therefore in your freedom of choice

If you too are convinced by our HecNet concept, we will help make the switchover easy and assist you
in all the necessary technical and administrative steps. On the telephone or on site – as you wish.