The flexible fuel terminal for the fleet filling station

The HecFleet was originally designed especially for fleet organisations. The flexible IT concept means that the HecFleet can be used without difficulties at all self-service fleet filling stations.

Remote access as standard enables Hectronic as the manufacturer to coordinate the service and maintenance intervals for these terminals from a central point, either for a single terminal or for a whole network of them. This means the operator has no need to install special software, but can retrieve status and transaction data from the terminals using a standard web browser.

24-hour operation

Data polling during ongoing fuelling operation guarantees uninterrupted use.


The data received can be analysed using a standard browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome).

Low-maintenance fuel terminal

Modern components like the piezoelectric keyboard or touchscreen and thermal printer in combination with a large paper roll (approx. 4,000 receipts per unit) ensure that maintenance is kept to a minimum. Technical service and maintenance can also be carried out easily by remote access.

Secure and user-friendly

A full-sized graphic display with language selection and motorised feed reader satisfy every requirement.

Broad card acceptance

HecFleet accepts all conventional fleet and station cards. A special security processor enables these cards to be used securely offline.

HecFleet fuel dispenser insert

Universal insert – the individual solution for all fuel dispenser types.

HecFleet wall housing

Compact solution for wall installation.

Available with the robust piezoelectric keyboard
or alternatively with HecPAD touchscreen.

HecFleet electric vehicle charging station - OCPP

The outdoor payment terminal for the modern electric vehicle charging station.

For connection to conventional charging points
which use the Open Charge Point Protocol.

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