FleetNet Card Billing System

Secure processing of fleet cards

Over the years, we have continued to build on our experiences with our customers in processing fleet cards.

With FleetNet, Hectronic is providing a sophisticated software solution which allows operators of public and fleet filling stations to accept one or more of 16 available fleet cards.

In just a few steps, the desired fleet cards can be activated on your Hectronic fuel terminals.

With the extended customer base, you will have untapped sales potential as an operator of a public filling station and can improve the profitability of your fleet filling station thanks to the higher utilisation.

Card-typical functions such as mileage queries, checking limits and product restrictions etc. are supported by FleetNet. This ensures we meet the expectations of fleet customers for safe and quick refuelling.

Please contact your local agent to get more information about how to accept additional fleet cards via FleetNet.

With FleetNet, you will be an attractive option as card issuer and filling station operator, while inevitably increasing your sales.

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