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Heconomy – Proven and Flexible Professional for Company Petrol Stations.

With its high reliability, the housing types available and the manifold combination options Heconomy is perfectly prepared for the requirements of a company petrol station. Via remote access and a maintenance programme it is possible to retrieve all major status data, carry out maintenance tasks and perform software updates.

Heconomy BL – The Cost-Effective Solution
The perfect system solution for small fleets with a company petrol station. Compared to Heconomy the scope of performance is reduced and provides efficient fleet management at a small scale and a remarkably attractive price-performance ratio.

Your Benefits

  • Highest user-friendliness and reliability
  • Easy identification
  • Long-lived and robust aluminium housing, 100% recyclable
  • Available as stand or wall housing, as built-in version or as mobile device
  • Cost-efficient variant for smaller fleets (Heconomy BL)
  • Comprehensive after-sales service: Support hotline, employee training and repair centre


Coop Cooperative (CH)

  • 2 Fuel Terminals Heconomy
  • Automatic Vehicle and Driver Recognition PetroPoint
  • Management Software HecPoll
  • System OptiLevel
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National Railway Company SNCF (FR)

  • 120 Heconomy Fuel Terminals
  • 120 OptiLevel probes HLS 6010
  • Management Software HecPoll
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