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HecFleet – All-Rounder for Unmanned Fleet Petrol Stations

We don’t promise too much: The fuel terminal HecFleet with its intelligent firmware is a true all-rounder, in particular when it comes to requirements of a fleet petrol station.

The variety of authorization options which can be realised with the fuel terminal HecFleet is remarkable. Mobile with the payment app HecFuel, automatically with the vehicle recognition PetroPoint, the secure processing of common fleet cards with routing or the authorization via your fleet card with the online authorization software FleetNet Host.

The operation at the fuel terminal is either made via the low-maintenance Piezo keyboard or via a user-friendly touch screen. The latter offers the opportunity to integrate your logo or animation.

HecFleet is available as stand, built-in or wall housing. The built-in version with universal slot fits into each type of fuel pump. The robust aluminium stand housing is extremely long-lived and can be recycled at 100%.

Your Benefits

  • Very versatile and low-maintenance fuel terminal
  • Highest security, reliability and user-friendliness
  • Long-lived and robust aluminium housing, 100% recyclable
  • Available as stand-alone or wall housing or as built-in version
  • Manifold authorization options
  • Comprehensive after-sales service: Support hotline, employee training and repair centre