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With HecVision Eco’s User Guidance Authorization Becomes a Piece of Cake.

With HecVision Eco you can operate your unmanned filling station or filling station network for alternative fuels around the clock and ensure all aspects of security. HecVision Eco contains proven technology supplemented by state-of-the-art functions – designed for filling stations with alternative fuels (Ethanol, Strom, eFuels, Wasserstoff, LNG, CNG, …).

The clearly structured user interface is supportive and ensures easy and compliant authorization. Before the fuel pump release it is thus granted that your customer is familiar with the safety precautions and able to apply them. The good  comprehensibility and high user-friendliness is the result of numerous usability tests carried out in the development stage with users such as truck and coach drivers.

Customized and yet Flexible
For filling station owners or operators of filling station networks, for LNG or hydrogen (H2), as stand-alone or built-in solution: HecVision Eco can be flexibly integrated into your filling station infrastructure. The color of the stainless steel insert at the housing front can be individually selected (RAL).

Via remote access status messages can be issued, while other important key figures can be retrieved. In this way you can always monitor your filling station.

Your Benefits

  • Reliable, flexible and modular
  • User-friendly payment and authorization process
  • Processing of many means of payment
  • Long-lived, robust aluminium housing, 100% recyclable
  • Available as stand-alone or built-in solution
  • High security standards
  • Comprehensive after-sales service: Support hotline, employee training and repair centre