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HecSpot – The Decisive Glimpse Ahead.

The cloud-based surveillance system HecSpot provides real-time information on the parking space occupancy to your PC or smartphone and valuable forecasts for the parking space occupancy to be expected. This knowledge can be used for controlling the parking search traffic and parking space inspections but also to optimize the economic efficiency of your object, e.g. by a dynamic use of tariffs.


Application Scenarios:

  • HecSpot + Camera/Sensor + CityLine:
    Parking space occupancy in real time, incl. display of parking duration. Provision of statistics and resulting tendencies for the parking space occupancy.
  • HecSpot + Camera/Sensor + CityLine + Citea:
    Additional real-time surveillance of your parking space and resulting identification of paid parking bays and parking bays without ticket.
  • HecSpot + Camera/Sensor + CityLine + Traffic Guidance Systems (Third-party Systems):
    In addition, information from the parking space surveillance is transmitted to the traffic guidance system and displayed to control the parking search traffic.

Your Benefits

  • Detect and identify parking space utilization in real time, increase efficiency
  • Utilization even at night or with snow-clad parking spaces
  • Dynamic use of tariffs
  • Cost-savings by targeted parking space inspections
  • Less search traffic and noise pollution
  • Quick installation
  • Open interface for the automatic transmission of occupancy data
  • Comprehensive after-sales service: Support hotline, employee training and repair centre
Product Overview

Remote Management and Central Administration:

The management software CityLine visualizes configuration, statistics, indicators and real-time status display on the administrative level.

Management Software CityLine

Further available CityLine Services:

  • Parking space operation
  • LPN Service
  • Interfaces to third-party systems


Interlaken (CH)

  • HecSpot
  • Surveillance System
  • Cloud-based
  • GSM cameras
  • Management via CityLine
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