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Citea – All You Need for PSP Services.

Thanks to its modular design and flexible system components the Citea allows for flexible configuration according to your needs and requirements. In the management of gated parking spaces the Citea can put its advantages as a pay station to full use. You can always rely on excellent quality and reliability. Not the least due to its sturdy aluminium housing the Citea has proven itself thousands of times – cities and municipalities worldwide count on the flexible system.


Citea as a Universal Pay Station

Citea can be adapted as a universal pay station and utilized wherever (entrance) fees are charged.


Configuration Options:

  • Security:
    Anti-graffiti coating, vandalism protection, safe for self-locking coin cassette, compartment for banknotes.
  • Display and Communication:
    TFT-touch- or LCD-display, language selectable, 2G-/4G-modem communication, LAN-connection.
  • Payment Option and Operation:
    Coins, optional with banknote reader, cashless systems (debit and credit card, with/without PIN-pad, contactless unit), ticketless, mobile payment authorization
  • Environment-friendly:
    Solar supply with 14.2 Wp (internal), optional also with 39 Wp (internal and external), optimized for weak light.

Your Benefits

  • Optical elegance and sturdiness
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Highly suitable for individualization (function and design)
  • Structured inner workings
  • Remote maintenance at any time and from any place via cloud
  • Comprehensive after-sales service: Support hotline, employee training and repair centre
Further payment options

Remote Management and Central Administration:

The management software CityLine visualizes configuration, statistics, indicators and real-time status display on the administrative level.

Management Software CityLine

Further available CityLine Services:

  • Free Parking
  • Real-time Parking
  • Violation Ticket Service
  • Dynamic Discount
  • Digital Receipt


Berlin (DE)

  • 850 Citea
  • Anti-graffiti coating
  • Management via CityLine
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Graz (AT)

  • More than 400 Citea
  • Anti-graffiti coating
  • Coins, credit/debit card
  • Contactless
  • Management via CityLine
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Stuttgart (DE)

  • over 1,000 Citea
  • Solar roof with GPRS communication
  • Contactless
  • Anti-graffiti coating
  • Management via CityLine

Hamburg (DE)

  • 270 Citea
  • Anti-graffiti coating
  • GPRS communication
  • Management via CityLine
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Lisbon (PT)

  • Appr. 400 Citea
  • Gentian blue
  • Touch displays with solar
  • Management via CityLine
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Hasselt (BE)

  • 115 Citea
  • Touch with solar
  • Dynamic Discount
  • Anti-graffiti coating
  • Residents parking
  • Management via CityLine
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Stockholm (SE)

  • 350 Citea
  • Touch with solar
  • Identification via licence tag
  • coinless
  • Management via CityLine
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Saint Denis (Greater Paris - FR)

  • Over 300 Citea
  • Identification via license plate recognition
  • Card reader with PinPad
  • Violation ticket service
  • Management via CityLine
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