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Apple Pay & Google Pay – Our Terminals are Equipped for the Payment Systems of the Future

You want to refuel or park your car but forgot you purse? No problem with our terminals: Pay securely and conveniently with your smartphone by Apple Pay or Google Pay – without an additional app.

Smartphones are an integral part of our everyday lives. It is obvious to use them for payment processes. Cashless payment will soon be routine in most communities. The COVID-19 pandemic has further strengthened this trend.

If you want to pay by mobile phone, you can easily do this with our terminals. Both our parking ticket machines and our fuel terminals are equipped with NFC technology.

Thus, you can pay quickly and easily with your smartphone or smartwatch by Apple Pay or Google Pay. It is sufficient to hold the device close to the contactless reader of the parking ticket machine resp. fuel terminal. Apart from contactless payment by Apple Pay or Google Pay payment by credit or debit card is also possible.

We aim to always guarantee the best possible user experience through the use of state-of-the-art technologies – this is why we have equipped our terminals with the payment methods Apple Pay and Google Pay. Quick and easy payment processing – without additional app!


Parking Management

In the area of parking ticket machines, the CiteaPico is an interesting option for parking space operators, cities and municipalities. Apple Pay or Google Pay can be used as usual; depending on the customer request the ticket will be sent to the driver as a text message or an e-mail.


Fuel Station Management

In the area of fuel station management fuel station operators can fully rely on HecStar. The refuelling process can be paid for and completed easily, securely and conveniently by Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Your Benefits

  • Easy contactless payment
  • The smartphone is always at hand - other than bank cards or cash
  • No additional app
  • No fees
  • No cash handling for operators
  • Fewer terminal breakups
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