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CityLine Services – Flexible Addition of Up-to-Date Payment and Surveillance Functions.

Your CityLine scope of functions can be flexibly extended at any time. The web-based CityLine Services offer greater convenience during the payment process and userfriendly options for monitoring parking spaces.




  Free Parking

Free parking for parking space users: The identification is always made via number plate. The free parking time is defined in several intervals per day and allows for free parking in these periods. If the free parking time is exceeded the parking space user can pay the additional parking fees, e.g. in combination with the optionally available service “number plate operation”.


  Real-time Parking

Only when the parking time ends the parking fees are determined on the basis of the actual parking time. The recording of the parking time begins with the check-in and ends exactly when the parking space user checks out again with their identification card. Only then the precise parking fee is calculated and securely debited from the driver’s account.


  Dynamic Discount

Reduced parking fees for residents and authorized parking space users. Regular customers and registered parking space users prove their identity, e.g. via ID-card, and benefit from a customized discount.


  Violation Ticket Service

Allows the payment of penalty fees for parking violations directly at the parking ticket machine. The driver enters the reference number into the parking ticket machine and directly pays the penalty fee. The reference number of the penalty notice is either generated by CityLine or by the service of a third-party provider. The penalty fees for parking violations can be conveniently set in the back office and updated at any time.


  Digital Receipt

Retrieve the receipt for parking fees paid online and save as PDF-file. This service allows parking space users to access receipts online. By entering the card number and the number plate an overview of all relevant parking activities is shown. The parking space user can download the receipt as a PDF-file.




  Parking Space Operation

Transfer of parking space occupancy from parking ticket machine to back office in real time. The parking space user enters their parking bay number with the payment. On this basis the parking time and possibly its exceedance can be monitored.


  Interfaces to Third-party Providers

Do you cooperate with an enforcement partner and use its peripheral devices? No problem. Via this interface all systems of third-party providers, e.g. number plate services and camera systems, can be integrated. Developed with a generic code the data exchange with devices already in use can be implemented!


  Number Plate Operation

Transfer of the number plate from parking ticket machine to back office in real time. The parking space user enters the number plate as means of identification for the payment. Via number plate the parking time and possibly its exceedance can be monitored.




ANPR – automatic number plate recognition

Assign and manage permission to enter and exit, realizable in connection with ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) and the Interfaces to Third-party Providers.

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