The modern solution for intelligent parking management

CityLine is a modern system solution for intelligent on-street parking management. Users of the web-based CityLine system have around-the-clock access to all relevant data and information from their parking ticket machines. Accessed from anywhere in the world, users can view and check the status of their machines and make necessary changes or updates.

Greater flexibility and transparency

Remote access to all data from the parking ticket machines, around the clock. PC, laptop, mobile phone – any device that can access the internet using a browser can use CityLine. For Android and iOS devices we have a special application in order to monitor the parking ticket machines. All data and settings are stored centrally on a secure server database.

Simple commissioning and operation

No installation is required – CityLine is a web-based solution. The well-structured and uncluttered user interface is quick and intuitive in its design. An online help function and an online user manual offer speedy assistance if required.

Highest security standards

CityLine is a very secure application. Your connections are established via secured and encrypted data channels. Access to the database is protected with user name and password. In the backup process, the whole database is stored. All data is strictly assigned to a mandator and every user can only see the data of the mandator to which he/she is assigned.

Maintain operational readiness

The operational readiness of the parking ticket machines is monitored in real time. Any warning/error notifications are forwarded immediately to the service organisation.

Economic and ecological savings potential

Using CityLine, processes such as service calls and collection trips can be analysed accurately and then optimised. CityLine thereby not only saves money, but it also has a positive environmental impact.

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