Barcode Ticket Generator

Create customised exit tickets directly on your PC

Barcode Ticket Generator is a PC desktop application designed to further enhance HecTwin parking installations. The barcode ticket generator can be operated as an individual station or in a network (LAN). The software provides features like parking ticket validation, payment handling and entry/exit ticket printing. The application works with all conventional barcode printers or barcode scanners.

Handling barcodes and payments

Using Barcode Ticket Generator, users can design their own single-use tickets or multi-use passes with variable expiration date/time and print these via a barcode printer. In a LAN installation, Barcode Ticket Generator can also be used without an external ticket printer. In this case the user can scan and validate a ticket with a hand-held barcode scanner connected to the PC. Barcode Ticket Generator calculates the tariff for tickets according to a pre-defined fee structure, which can be easily chosen from a user-friendly menu.


In the network version, all the Hectronic components such as the HecTwin terminals, the Citea payment terminal or other Barcode Ticket Generator stations are connected via a LAN, which enables comprehensive validation and automatic accounting of the tickets. Thanks to the communication with CityLine, statistics can be transferred for further processing.

Customized tickets

The ticket design can be customized according to user needs: logos can be printed, advertising texts added, etc. All newly created layouts can be stored and called up at any time.

Storing financial data

All validation, printing and payment activities are saved in the Barcode Ticket Generator database. Upon request, the compiled information can be displayed in a user-friendly spreadsheet format. By applying different filters based on time period, payment mode, and ticket type, the user can retrieve and analyse the desired data.


Since Barcode Ticket Generator is intended to be used by our customers worldwide, the application can be translated into all major languages.

Login and rights

It is possible to run numerous sessions of Barcode Ticket Generator on different PCs at the same time. Login to the application is protected with a user name and a password.   Each user can be assigned specific permission levels depending on their area of responsibility.

Communication with CityLine

Reports can be exported to a local data carrier or uploaded to the web-based CityLine server for further processing.

External ticket printer

Most user scenarios call for the printing of entry/exit barcode tickets at a reception desk or similar workplace. In order to accomplish this task, a printer with special paper has to be connected. Barcode Ticket Generator provides a simple, user-friendly way to configure any conventional printer selected for the job.

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