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ANPR – Quick, Secure and Economic Authorization.

Camera-based authorization solution depicted by the management software CityLine. The use of ANPR offers convincing benefits: Quick – the authorization is checked while the vehicle is approaching and granted or denied within fractions of seconds. Secure – operating errors or manipulations are excluded. Furthermore, the system saves all relevant information on the use of your parking spaces and the users. Efficient – the authorization is granted automatically; unmanned and without further end devices.


Possible Applications

  • Residential Parking or Parking Space Subscription:
    Authorization or PSP services for residents by subscription or dynamic tariffs.
  • Hotels, Shopping Centres and Amusement Parks:
    Authorization, documentation and user-friendly processing of payment for your customers and authorized users.
  • Managed Parking Spaces and Airport Parking:
    Efficient payment processing, cash- and ticketless.
  • Parking Space for Employees and Visitors:
    Automatic and self-sufficient system for authorization of your employees and visitors, including continuous documentation of parking space usage.

Your Benefits

  • Optimized surveillance of parking space
  • Quick authorization
  • Automatic management: User errors or manipulation are excluded
  • Complete documentation of the use and users of your parking areas
  • Open for third-party systems
  • Highest security standard
  • Comprehensive after-sales service: Support hotline, employee training and repair centre
Product Overview

Remote Management and Central Administration:

The management software CityLine visualizes configuration, statistics, indicators and real-time status display on administrative level.

Management Software CityLine

Further available CityLine modules:

  • Interfaces to Third-party Providers
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