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HecVision Eco –24/7 Refuelling and Charging

With HecVision Eco you can operate your unmanned filling station or filling station network around the clock and integrate the charging of electricity into your existing filling station infrastructure.

Just like fuel pumps, charging stations will be normal elements of the refuelling operation. Thus, the fuel terminal HecVision Eco allows you as the operator of public filling stations the cost-effective entry into e-mobility.

The HecVision Eco is reliable: It combines proven and cutting-edge technology and convinces by state-ofthe- art functionality and equipment features.

Issuing status messages and retrieving key figures is possible via remote access. In this way, you can always monitor your filling station.


Reliable Face of your Filling Station

HecVision’s user guidance as the first contact partner at your filling station makes your customers’ authorization a piece of cake (see schematic presentation on pages 16/17). In this way, nothing will go wrong during the payment and authorization process.


Your Benefits

  • Use of fuels and electricity in mixed operation
  • Modern and user-friendly payment and authorization process
  • Acceptance of all common payment options
  • Long-lived, robust aluminium housing, 100% recyclable
  • Available as stand-alone or built-in solution
  • High security standards
  • Comprehensive after-sales service: Support hotline, employee training and repair centre