Repair Center

Reliable Service - fast and efficient

What do Hectronic products have to do with repairs? Very little really, as you can take it for granted that the machines have an exceptional service life.

However, there is of course a risk that external factors have an impact, and in such cases even the most reliable products may malfunction. This is why we have set up a repair centre at the company headquarters in Bonndorf which offers its services for all Hectronic components. These are examined and tested under real-life conditions in their actual technical environment. Comprehensive documentation of the test runs allows the error to be identified quickly. We offer you a manufacturer’s warranty as, after all, it is our own products that we are repairing.

What kind of information do we need?

To guarantee a smooth, quick service we need the following information:

  • a completed Error Report with RMA number (RMA to be requested in advance!)
  • Delivery note indicating your contact details and, if applicable, your internal processing number

Guarantee and Warranty Regulations

Our Guarantee and Warranty Regulations can be downloaded from here once you have logged in to our member’s area.