Reference persons

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Sales Director
Christian Kuppel

Aliriza Kablan

Bosnia, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Lebanon, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Kuwait, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates

Oliver Riegger

Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania, Great Britain, Ireland


If your country isn’t listed, please contact our head-office:

Sales Director ROW
Robert Mazuga

Poland, Italy, South Africa, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, Chile

Director BU Sensor Systems
Ulrich Frey

Director BU Refuelling Systems
Ralf Stich

Sales Director and Director BU Digital Solutions
Sven Stottmeier

Sales Director D A CH
Sven Jania

Key Accounts D A CH

Klaus Schmieder

Switzerland, Germany
(South of Germany)

Christian Guttmann

Singapore, Austria, Australia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, India, Thailand, Malaysia

Miroslav Godovanez

Russia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait

Eva Richir

Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, France, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Spain

Jens Vogel

(North of Germany)

If your country isn’t listed, please contact our head-office:

Chief Procurement Officer
Michael Albrecht

Human Resource Manager
Eike Mazuga

Director Marketing
Sabine Glunk