Self-image and business policy maxims

With high-quality products, we wish to offer our customers in the areas of filling station automation and parking space management innovative solutions that make their processes simpler and more efficient. This opens up new opportunities and real optimisation opportunities for our customers.

At the same time, we want to set an example by being both professional and ethical in how we work. This means: We deal with our customers, partners and employees fairly and respectfully.

Company principles:

Success! We obviously want to be successful; just like every other company. However, to have success as our only aim would indeed be too ambiguous. At Hectronic, we have clearly defined principles and goals which are the foundation for the work we do – both on an individual and also on a company level. Social standards and statutory regulations form the basis of this.

The focus of the strategic alignment is based on the wishes of our customers. This means it is actually the customer who defines the standard of the products provided, the associated processes and future services. We place great emphasis on close cooperation, which allows the customer to be not only the “king”, but also a valued partner. In short: Satisfied customers are good customers and, in turn, provide confirmation of the high quality of our work.

Whoever thinks he already is something has stopped becoming something. True to this motto, we are committed to continuous improvement. Intensive communication and continuous professional development within the company are part of Hectronic’s philosophy and form the basis for efficient decision-making.

We continuously analyse our processes within the company in order to determine and monitor the fulfilment of the defined quality goals. At Hectronic, these processes merge smoothly into one another in order to avoid unnecessary intermediate steps and potential bottlenecks.

Our suppliers also play an important role. The quality of their work has a decisive influence on our business success. This is why we focus on long-term and strategic cooperation.