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29. June 2021

Looking back at our Digital Solution Day: Safe Refuelling with iomoto

In 2019, Hectronic entered into a further cooperation with ZF Car eWallet, a subisidiary of ZF Friedrichshafen. Their solution with the name iomoto offers two services customized to the field of refuelling in the transportation industry: Card Watch and Integrated Fuelling. “With Card Watch we provide security for the existing fuel card and take it to the digital world by merging fuelling data and telematics data. In this way, we efficiently prevent drive-offs and diesel fraud, at the same time providing the fleet manager with a tool to monitor all transactions in his fleet”, explains Thorsten Weber, managing director of ZF Car eWallet.

Integrated Fuelling is the first step on the way to a complete digitization of the fuel cards as the function allows the driver to initialize and handle the entire process from within the vehicle. “In order to be able to provide our services we rely on numerous cooperations as we are not able to do everything on our own. For us, Hectronic is a particularly important partner as they allow us to address and integrate the filling station infrastructure”, Weber emphasizes.

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