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Welcome at Hectronic.

Intelligent products from Hectronic stand for innovation in parking and refuelling technology -
from the single product to the complete solution.


24.10.2016 | VIP Status for PetroPoint Tag in France


An excellent interim result for Hectronic France. A total of 25,000 tags have so far been installed in vehicles throughout all of France. It is hence undeniable that the AVR PetroPoint System is also enjoying increasing...

14.10.2016 | Johannesburg Airport relies on fuelling technology by Hectronic


Together with our long-standing and reliable sales partners LAS (Liquid Automation Systems) from South Africa, we were recently able to modernise the management of the vehicle fleet at "OR Tambo International Airport" in...

29.09.2016 | Strong trade fair presence in Oman!


Hectronic remains on the road to success in the Arabian market. This was reason enough to decide to participate in the Middle East Transport & Logistic (ME-TRANSLOG) in Muscat, Oman, for the first time. Together with sales...

23.09.2016 | Verkehrsbetriebe Zürichsee and Oberland (VZO) are backing Hectronic‘s fuelling technology


Verkehrsbetriebe Zürichsee und Oberland AG (Lake Zurich and Uplands Transport Services PLC) are partners in Zurich's transport network and are responsible for public bus transport in the Zurich Uplands and on the right bank of...

16.09.2016 | Warranty extension guaranteed with Hectronic


Benefit from this now and ensure long-lasting protection.

Hectronic products are characterised by their long life-cycle and supreme quality - we are sure of this!  However, should some unexpected problems arise, Hectronic grants...

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